Tantra by Sukkamielli

Education for Erotic embodiment and Intimate connection

Sensual Tantra by Sukkamielli

Tantra Yoga

Tantra gives us the tools we need to access the innate wisdom of our body and the power of our mind and to put the two together to discover the enormous wealth and joy inside of us. Our body and mind are a beautiful gift.  Anyone can practice tantra yoga. You don’t have to renounce your beliefs, religion, culture, or your ice cream. Just apply tantra’s time-tested techniques to yourself and find freedom from all conflicts, doubts, and fears.

Traditional Tantra Yoga

Traditional Tantra Yoga

Rates:  Package of 5 (five), 90 mins classes

* Must prepay in full for all 5 sessions and book once a week

Private $750 (1 student);  

Semi-private $1200 ~ Up to 2 students)

Cash & Major credit cards accepted. 

No gift cards or personal checks