Tantra by Sukkamielli

Education for Erotic embodiment and Intimate connection

Customer Testimonials

I chose Tantra to cure my premature ejaculation and to gain better control. Suki discussed my issues in details and taught me few exercises and pranayama to practice regularly which improved my duration in sex and helped me control my ejaculation. I usually take the 90 min session. In each session, she greets you with a warm smile dressed as a tantric Goddess. There will be a relaxed conversation on how you have been doing followed by the actual guided tantric session. You will be naked and she will be topless during this session. It begins with a deep connecting ceremony to relate with one another and kindle your sexual energy. She guides you through the entire process along with breathing instructions and you are allowed to explore her body as she does with yours. Her ample breasts, curves, the aroma in the room and the ambience truly complements the session. It is then followed by a massaging session to move your sexual energy across the different chakras of the body. You will be lying face down and this guided session, in my opinion, is what gives the blissful experience in the end as the sexual energy is spread across the body. Just follow her easy instructions and you will never forget this experience. You can have an optional prostate massage which is highly pleasurable and relaxing. This is then followed by the lingam worship where you will lie on your back for a penis massage, done along with guided breathing exercises. She makes you last longer in this session and when you are finally done, it will be an out of the world experience. Just follow her guidelines for it is truly a blissful experience and I remember being so happy and all smiles after my first session. I really recommend the healing sessions of Tantra to any one who is sincere and respectful in learning it. I would like to explore other sessions offered by Suki as listed in her website. Hope this review was helpful.


 Ms Sukkamielli provided one of the BEST AWAKENING Therapeutic massages that I have ever encountered.  Her knowledge of the human body was proficient and productive.  She displays warmth and charm, all the while of a sense of safety.  Her environment gives you a calming and welcoming feeling.  I applaud her ethics and integrity.  The actual services was Outstanding.  When the session was complete, it seems as though a had a brand new body. 

Ms. Sukkamielli is wonderful. I highly approve her. When time permits, I will make an appointment with her again, and again, and again, and again, And I hope that she don't mind if I say that she is a Beautiful young lady also. I highly recommend her". 
Mr. K.  from  Houston, Dallas, & Waco
"We enjoyed a couple's session with Sukkamielli and we found it to be a wonderful combination of instruction, sensuality, and playfulness.  Sukkamielli is very perceptive and attuned to both partner's desires.  We both felt comfortable telling her what did and didn't work for us and she listened to what we were saying.  We highly recommend trying it."

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